A Whole New Meaning to Church Shopping!

I have strolled past the Catholic Mass at the airport in Orlando. I've even seen the chapels at others. What I've never heard of is the Church at the mall. Now, I personally think it's relatively brilliant! Take the Gospel and proclaim it in places where people are - there is the evangelization of the 21st century! Bravo to the Capuchin Franciscans in Colorado Springs for such a concept, and bravo to those who are financially supporting it. You can rest assured you're getting a call from me to pick your brains and get the details!

Here is what they offer:
  • Daily 12:10 pm Mass Monday through Friday
  • 6 pm Mass
  • Confession in English and Spanish all mall hours
  • Chapel for prayer
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Faith Inquiry
  • Vocation discernment
  • Parish and Catholic charities referrals

Interesting to note that there are many parishes who don't offer as much, mostly because they do not have the resources to do so. What a great way to complement what already exists! Hey Church out there, are you paying attention? It's time to take notice of innovation within faith and find out if it is working. If the answer is yes, maybe we should all consider it a lesson learned about taking risks in union with the Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Playing it safe never brought a soul to Jesus. If that were the ticket, he wouldn't have reminded us so often to "be not afraid!"

If we had a Catholic Chapel in a mall or other such public location, would you swing by for Mass, prayer or any of the other services they provide? Would it take away from your attendance at your local parish?