Morning Prayer Reflection: Are we on fire for Christ?

When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned, the flames shall not consume you. Isaiah 43:2

Today marks the feast of St. Lawrence. Though much is not known about his life, it is known that he was set on fire for Christ, most literally. Under persecution, told to produce all the wealth of the Church, Deacon Lawrence brought with him all the poor, diseased and crippled to present as the riches of Christ. In response, Lawrence was grilled...again, literally set over coals to be burned to death.

We do not do well with suffering in our age. Suffering is thought a sign of weakness. In the eyes of Christ, however, suffering is solidarity and strength. It is solidarity with not only the weakest among us, but with Jesus himself. It is strength to turn over our own power and trust that amidst the struggles and flames of life, we will not be consumed if we remain in Christ. More than asking us to bear whatever may come, Jesus tells us that we must suffer for his sake! Being "on fire" for Christ is literally to be willing to come under fire for his sake.

In light of that, I wonder how many of us are, really and truly, on fire for Christ...

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