Mass Prep: We, though many, are one body, through one bread.

Because the loaf of bread is one we though many are one body for we all partake of one loaf. 1 Corinthians 10:17

The central image for the Mass this weekend is that of bread. A simple image in secular terms, yet those going hungry know the life-giving value of such a simple object. Jesus came as the Bread of Life, to give us life in a way we had never known since Eden. As you reflect on the readings for Sunday, let your heart illuminate the Word with that knowledge. Jesus is the Bread of Life. As you take in the Eucharist and carry Christ within you, invite the Holy Spirit to reveal the depth of that action. Through that one bread, we are one body. How do we live that out? How can we overcome obstacles (both personal and beyond) that keep us from living that out with the charity of Christ?

It's a lot to ponder. Come Holy Spirit!