In Our Prayers: Fr. James Mukalel, Priest Slain in India

Fr. James Mulakel
Born: June 13, 1950
Ordained: March 17, 1979
Died: July 29, 2009

Sometimes we forget how good we have it. Nope, make that most times. We may live in a country where political differences create heated discussions and divisions, where they have in fact invaded the unity of our Church, but for now, we remain fairly safe in our assumption that we shall not be slain for our faith. Not ours...for now.

In so many places throughout the world, that is simply not the case. A 2002 article at showed that 65%* of all Christian martyrs were made so in the 20th century according to a study presented by journalist Antonio Socci. The places identified with the highest threat were Molucca Islands of Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, East Timor, Cuba, the former Soviet republics, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, Vietnam, China and others.

So today, we mourn the loss of this priest, beloved by his community, and pray for all those who continue to be persecuted for the sake of Christ. May they find their reward at the gates of Heaven.

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*Total number is estimated at 70 million. The 20th century saw some 45.5 million Christians slain for their faith.