From Respect Life Sunday to Respecting Life Always...

Here is an uplifting story about a proactive initiative to help college age students faced with an unplanned pregnancy... Interestingly, Belmont is the home of Belmont Abbey College which has recently found itself in the midst of a tussle regarding the legality of the restrictions in its insurance coverage for employees. The College, in accordance with Catholic teaching, does not include coverage for abortions, prescription contraceptives or elective sterilization procedures. [Read more here]

Center Aims to Give Pregnant College Students True Choice
By Nancy Frazier O'Brien
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON —Lacy Dodd, a 33-year-old banking professional and mother of one, knows precisely where supporters and opponents of legal abortion can find common ground.

It's on nearly four acres donated by the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey in Belmont, N.C., where Room at the Inn, a Charlotte-based pregnancy resource center, hopes to build the nation's first campus-based maternity and after-care residence for pregnant college students.... [Read full story]