Scripture Symposium Talks Now Available on iTunes!

Missed the 2nd Annual Scripture Symposium in August? You can download the edited sessions on the Genesis Ministries page in iTunes!

Scripture in Our Daily Lives (iTunes download* | listen online)
by Sr. Sarah Burdick, S.G.L.

Sr. Sarah Burdick shares her wisdom on how Scripture has played a great role in shaping who she is today. Hear her real-life stories about the importance of drinking in the Word, struggles in living it out, and the power of the Word to convert us when we least expect it.

Jesus, Prayer & Scripture (iTunes download* | listen online)
by Dr. Peter Williamson

Dr. Peter Williamson takes us through a journey in Luke's gospel, exploring the way Jesus prays, teaches us to pray and the centrality of Scripture in the life of Jesus himself. Be drawn into the life of the Word by his exploration of the texts, relating the living Word of God to our everyday lives and the life of Christ.

*Choosing the iTunes download will open up the iTunes application on your computer.


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